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Please find the below necessary documents for your perusal and execution along with instructions.

Click Here for Privilege or Start Up Pro Agreement PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE ACTUAL FORMAT OF THE AGREEMENT. The agreement can be franked for the value of Rs 600/- in any Co-Operative Bank OR separately attach Non-Judicial stamp paper for the value of Rs 600/- with the following content written on it.

"This Non-Judicial Stamp Paper forms an integral part of the Infibeam Avenues Limited Internet Gateway Merchant Legal Agreement executed by ______________________ (Firm name) on ____________(date)"
INFIBEAM AVENUES LIMITED will not be liable for any errors or omissions on the part of the Merchant details filled in the Agreement.
Corrections should be made by cancelling and re-writing, and such corrections should be counter signed by the applicant.
The signature of the Authorized signatory should be same as on the PAN Card or you can also e-sign or and the Agreement.
Please note: Each and every proof submitted to Infibeam Avenues Limited must be self attested.
1 Photo ID Proof
(Signing Authority)
  • Pan Card - Details to be updated in the registration form*
  • Passport Copy OR Driving License Copy OR Election card (Self attested required sign & company stamp on it)
  • *For the purpose of signature verification we may request you to upload a self attested copy of Pan Card
  • Photo, signature, name should be clear on the document uploaded
  • Passport / Driving License should not be expired.
2 Bank Account (Into which you wish to receive the settlements)(Online) Update the Account Number & IFSC Code in the registration form
Bank Account (Into which you wish to receive the settlements)(Offline) In case of Online verification failure or for validation please upload a self attested copy of the canceled cheque
3 Office Address Proof (Online) GSTIN details to be entered in the registration Form
Office Address Proof (Offline- In case of unavailability of GSTIN - Any One Self Attested Document can be uploaded )
  • Own Property - Electricity bill
  • Rent Property - Rent Agreement copy & Electricity bill
  • Bank Account : Statement OR Passbook
4 Additional Documents:
5 Financial Proof Current Account statements for last 12 months with Bank seal and Bank Logo. OR Audited Balance Sheet with P & L Account statements for last 2 years.

Company proof:

Sole Proprietor: (Any 1 documents)
a Registration certificate (in the case of a registered concern)
b Certificate / license issued by the Municipal authorities under Shop & Establishment Act
c CST / VAT certificate
d Certificate / registration document issued under GST / Professional Tax authorities.

Note :
1. All products desired to be sold online should be mentioned in the Registration Certificate.
2. Case of registration proof in regional language, required regional language confirmation letter (or) the same in English on proprietorship letter head.

Partnership / LLP Firm:
a Certificate of registration (for registered partnership firms only)
b Copy of partnership deed
c Copy of Pan Card of Partnership Firm
d Board resolution applicable in case of LLP only (on letter head of LLP) a resolution passed in favor of authorized signatory. Note: Date should be in printed format & also the date should be less than 60 days. Click Here for Board Resolution

Note :
1. Partnership deed should include all partners names and sharing details.
2. All products desired to be sold online should be mentioned in the partnership deed

Public limited / Private Limited:
a Memorandum / Articles of Association and Certificate of Incorporation. (1st and Last 3 Pages)
b List of Directors details from MCA Website.
c Company Pan Card.
d Board Resolution Click Here for Board Resolution / Click Here for OPC Board Resolution

Note :
1. MOA / AOA: All products desired to be sold online should be mentioned in the MOA/AOA. If not, amendment of MOA to be provided.
2. Board Resolution: Has to be signed by minimum two directors/ company secretary. Whomever names are mentioned in the Board Resolution, shall provide copy of their PAN Card.

Others ( NGO / Government / Education / Society ):
a Memorandum of Understanding / Certificate of registration (for registered trust only) & Copy of Trust deed or Society Deed / Government Certificate.
b List of trustees / member / authorized signatory certified.
c Copy of Pan card of Trust.
d Trust Resolution Click Here for Trust Resolution
Please note:
1 International Master / Visa Card Payment Option are offered through Partnering Bank only if the website is completely Live and activation of the same is subject to Bank approval.
2 ICICI / HDFC / Federal Net banking can be assigned only when website is completely live and on receipt of the approval from respective bank. This may take 3 to 5 working days.

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