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Introducing, 'CCAvenue LIVE MONITORING PRO', India's first real-time payment gateway monitoring system! Stay updated 24x7 and increase your business potential!!

The "Cloud" isn't an entity that automatically works at all times. It is complex and relies on lots of critical parts that can break. As an Ecommerce merchant, you could usually lose considerable business because of fluctuations and downtimes of bank servers, which processes payments for your website. Most times, you would not even be aware of the situation and just in case potential customers alerted you on these issues, you still would have to contactCCAvenue and we would, in turn, have to follow up with the banks before giving you the updates. A lot of time and effort would be needlessly wasted in this process resulting in failure or abandonment of transaction leading to customer fatigue and bad customer experience.

Having understood the problems you face and so as to save valuable time and effort, CCAvenue, South Asia's leading payment gateway provider, has simplified this entire process by launching a unique real-time live monitoring tool. This exceptional feature serves as a 'one-stop solution'for all these issues your valuable customer would face during the processing of online transactions and save you a lot of abandoned transactions.

Introducing, the path breaking 'CCAvenue LIVE MONITORING PRO', India's first real-time payment gateway monitoring communication system!!

With a firm belief that "A Stitch In Time Saves Nine", we offer you this real-time, transparent value added service to keep you updated on the functioning of the payment gateway at all times. CCAvenue Live Monitoring Pro is a transparent, real time monitoring tool that makes sure the Banks PG website, DNS, etc are working by automatically pinging and testing them and keeping you informed in real time. CCAvenue Live Monitoring Pro checks the bank's PG and other infrastructure components as often as every minute to make sure it is all up and running. Now you will instantly know if the credit card, debit card or net banking option of an associated bank or intermediary service provider is down or fluctuating by simply checking the status of the server on your CCAvenue M.A.R.S. panel. It's as easy as that!

You can view these updates on CCAvenue Live Monitoring Pro by simply checking onto this from your M.A.R.S backend panel. This monitoring tool would help you know which servers are up and running, which are currently experiencing downtimes, which are facing fluctuations in transaction processing, and which are scheduled for downtimes in the near future.

Main Benefits of CCAvenue LIVE MONITORING PRO:
  • Keeps you well informed by providing live updates on server and transaction status across all payment options
  • Gives you reliable, timely and useful information 24x7 for course-correction if & when required
  • Helps you take timely and appropriate actions to retain your customers by offering advance warning/notice of the downtime of their chosen payment option and inducing them to use other options so that the transaction is consummated.
  • Delivers a much better customer experience and transaction conversion rates resulting in considerable improvement of your revenue inflow.
  • Saves you the hassles of constant follow-ups via email, chats or phone calls
  • Features a user-friendly interface with a seamless design
Here's a look at the main symbols used for CCAvenue LIVE MONITORING PRO.

Green Up Arrow: Bank PG Server is Up and Running

Red Down Arrow: Bank PG Server is Currently Experiencing Downtime

Orange Fluctuation Symbol: Fluctuations Observed During the Processing of Transactions

Unknown Status Symbol: Unknown Status of Server/Transaction

How this works:
CCAvenue has implemented check parameters at various levels of the transaction flow. These checks include automated checks for the Server status and manual checks for the Transaction status. The servers are checked every minute for instances of downtime of banks' servers using an advanced automated software. On the other hand, the transaction processing time is manually monitored by our dedicated team for foolproof results.

Note: The transaction processing time referred to above is the time taken for the transaction to be completed once the customer enters the details on the payment page.

An Example:
If the Netbanking option of a particular bank is down, the merchant will be intimated of it in real-time via CCAvenue LIVE MONITORING PRO. CCAvenue will then confirm the duration of the downtime with the banks. If the downtime is for a longer duration due to maintenance purposes or some other technical issues, then the netbanking option will be automatically disabled from the list of options. If the downtime is for a short duration only, then as a merchant, you need to communicate this information to the customer and encourage them to use another mode of payment.

Similarly, in the case of payment gateway servers used for debit or credit cards, you can also ascertain the status of their functioning from the M.A.R.S. backend. With just a click of your mouse, you can customize the page to view the server status according to the selected payment option. You can even click on the scrolling alerts to get more details on scheduled downtimes.

Now remain updated on the status of the payment gateway 24x7 and save your precious transactions with CCAvenue Live Monitoring Pro.

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