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Why CCAvenue is the preferred Payment Gateway of 85% of ecommerce merchants in India?
Founded in 2001, CCAvenue is the largest Payment Gateway in India today and currently powers more than 85% of the e-commerce merchants in the country. No wonder the majority of Indian e-commerce merchants choose CCAvenue, the tried and tested payment gateway over other newbie gateways with tall claims!
Maximum reach through the widest range of payment options
  Offers 100+ Payment Options like no other Payment Gateway in India.
  5 Credit Cards, 50+ Debit Cards, 50+ Net Banking, 4 Cash Cards, and 2 Mobile Payments a bouquet that enables customer choice.
  Caters to the ever growing mass of Indian banking, financial and tech savvy customer base.
  Enhances merchant's business potential by maximizing customer reach and potential across geographies.
Potential reach of target audience through payment gateways
Robust system scalability and best transaction success rates
Robust system scalability and best transaction success rates
  Cutting edge, scalable IT platform and technology that processed 100 million plus transactions in the last financial year and has capacity to process 10X more!
  Offers innovative process enhancements including handshakes and APIs to enhance merchant transaction conversion ratios - In Simple words - It provides the best successful transaction conversion in the industry.
  More than 10 years of experience of connecting to 5 Credit Card company switches, 50+ Indian banks' Core Banking solutions and 4 Cash Card service provider systems - EXPERIENCE COUNTS!
Transparent 360 view of your transactions
  CCAvenue 'Smart Analytics' offers you a comprehensive statistical online report and a transparent view of all your transactions in real time.
  Provides complete transparency and total control on maneuvering transactions thereby empowering you to take informed decisions.
  Offers daily email reports of all your transactions - hourly transaction, success rate, options contribution ratio, gateway downtime and others so as to keep you on top of your business.
Transparent 360 view of your transactions
Innovative transaction enhancing features
Innovative transaction enhancing features
  Offers you the widest mode of transactions to increase options to collect payments.
  Helps collect 'customised' payments.
  Transaction enhancing features includes 'CCAvenue PhonePay' (Fully hosted, customised and ready to use IVRS), 'CCAvenue Invoice Payment System (IPS)', 'Mobile Checkout Page' which works with all mobile operation systems, 'CCAvenue In-built Advanced Shopping Cart', 'CCAvenue Transaction Failure' amount collection facility through email, 'CCAvenue Auction Invoice' collection facility through email.
CCAvenue F.R.I.S.K. (Fraud and Risk Identification System and Knowledge Base)
  CCAvenue F.R.I.S.K. (Fraud and Risk Identification System and Knowledge Base) provides you the benefit of the risk related experience and expertise of processing millions of transactions so as to minimize risk for each of your transactions.
  Benefits of automated, State-of-the-Art CCAvenue F.R.I.S.K. risk mitigation engine which uses the country's biggest available negative and high risk data base of fraudster's card numbers, I.P. addresses, email Ids etc collected from chargeback transactions of thousands of our merchants over the last 12 years!
  Qualified and experienced risk managers available at your service so that you can focus on your core business of soliciting customers for your products and services while leaving online transaction related risk issues to our inhouse experts! All the above services are provided free of cost to our merchants, thereby saving you lakhs of rupees in transaction loss and card company penalties and also saves you from investing into third party paid risk management solutions!

State-of-art  Risk Management (F.R.I.S.K.)
Merchant Accounting and Reporting System (M.A.R.S.)
CCAvenue M.A.R.S. (Merchant Accounting and Reporting System)
  CCAvenue M.A.R.S. offers you the most advanced and critically acclaimed Accounting and Reporting System.
  This unique back-end platform offers you an absolute position of control with respect to all activities related to your transactions, namely; capturing, cancelling, refunding, etc.
  It also enables a comprehensive track of micro (by transaction) and macro (by overall) online business.
  CCAvenue M.A.R.S. provides useful MIS and transactional data for your daily business operations.
  CCAvenue M.A.R.S. has great features that include various transaction enhancing interfaces and also 'User Management' facilities for selective / restrictive user access and controls.
CCAvenue SuperSupport
  CCAvenue Super Support provides 24/7 support - 365 days to back-up your online business efforts.
  CCAvenue Super Support is available to all merchants and customers through various options - email, chats and calls.
CCAvenue SuperSupport