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Quick & Easy Integration
CCAvenue provides a detailed integration kit with step by step integration procedure upon Activation of your CCAvenue account.

The Integration kit provides you codes in:
  • ASP - Active Server Pages
  • JSP - Java Server Pages
  • PHP - PHP: Hypertext Pre-processor
  • ASP.Net - Framework 1.1 with any database server
You will need intermediate level of programming skills in the scripting language or you may consider hiring the services of a programmer for integrating the feature with your website.

Benefits of using CCAvenue Payment Gateway:

  • Easy to implement:
    CCAvenue is easy to implement at your site as it eliminates the need of any elaborate software, large database and expensive processing capabilities.

  • Minimises your costs and risks:
    This enables you to reduce the costs and risks on expensive computing resources. All payment operations are handled and authorized by us, using a 24 x 7 high security payment gateway server, allowing you to focus on initiatives and strategies, which is profitable to your business.

  • Facilitates efficient customer service on your site:
    Your customers are assured of fast and easy-to-access connections between your site, CCAvenue and the payment gateway server. This server is installed on a robust Windows 2003 platform with multiple processors with RAID 10 (mirrored and stripped), and a dual ported controller, which allows quick and easy completion of transaction authorization.

  • Optimum transaction time:
    The transaction is completed between 30 seconds and a minute, which in turn provides a positive shopping experience to your customer, resulting in repeat purchase of your products/services.
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