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What you can EARN
Avenues Resellers play a key role in delivering our products and services worldwide. We are committed to working with our resellers to help them increase customer satisfaction and build profitable, long-term businesses.

As an approved Avenue's Reseller Program member, you must purchase a minimum of 2 credits which can be utilized towards CCAvenue accounts, to resell at retail value or pass the savings on to your customers.
  • A single credit/token is equivalent to Rs 5,000.
  • For the Economy Scheme, no Tokens need to be allocated. On the contrary, you Earn 1 free token on every merchant you get onboard CCAvenue under Economy scheme.
  • For the Premium Scheme, you allocate only 3 tokens and earn Rs. 10000/-.
  • For the Privilege Scheme, you allocate 6 tokens and earn Rs. 10000/-.
  • The above mentioned benefits would be applicable once the account has been approved and activated.

Credits Usage for Avenues Accounts
CCAvenue Account Type Actual Price Credits/Tokens to
be assigned
Reseller Price Reseller´s Profit
Economy Free 0 0 Rs.5000
(1 Credit/Token)*
Premium Rs. 25000* 3 Rs.15000* Rs. 10000*
Privilege Rs. 40000* 6 Rs. 30000* Rs. 10000*

*Service Tax and Education Cess will be 12.36% extra.
Note: Minimum investment of Rs. 10,000/- is required towards initial purchase of 2 credits for new Reseller sign up.
To view the pricing details of the Economy, Premium, Privilege and Customized Privilege Scheme Click Here.
Please also note that one live (unutilized) credit is required in stock at all times to keep the CCAvenue reseller account in activated mode.

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