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Transaction Failure Payment Collection Facility
How to Use?
Key Merchant/Transaction Profile:
Ideal for all merchants transacting through CCAvenue. This is a reminder you can send to customers, who have attempted purchasing your products; but were unable to do so due to denial of authorisation. This mail invites your customer to click on a link, and complete the transaction. You may send as many reminders as you wish.

'Transaction Failure' Payment Collection Facility:
  • Log on to CCAvenue with your merchant id, and click into the Send an Invoice/Bill page.
  • Click on 'Send Transaction Completion Reminder'.
  • Fill in Order Id and click 'submit'. This Order Id must be the same unique number that will you had provided to CCAvenue in the customer's first attempt to purchase the product. This will serve as a reference to be quoted across the three parties involved: namely; you, the seller; your customer; and CCAvenue.
  • On submission, CCAvenue is pull out your customer and transaction details from the database. Simply verify these, and click 'submit'.
  • A final version of the Reminder, as it will appear in your customer's mailbox will be shown to you for confirmation.
  • On your confirmation, the mail will be sent to your customer.
  • In this mail, the customer will also be sent a link to the CCAvenue Billing & Shipping page; which he can click on and complete his transaction. Hence your Reminder will serve as a tool to take your negotiation to the final stage to completion.
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