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'Virtual Terminal' Interface
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Virtual Terminal Interface
How to Use?
Key Merchant/Website Profile:
This interface is ideal for exporters, exhibitors and retailers who wish to authorize credit card transactions for sale of services or merchandise from anywhere in the world, be it from their retail outlets, an exhibition space or even at their client's office.

Virtual Terminal Facility:
  • To enter a Virtual Terminal lnvoice, log in with your CCAvenue merchant id, and go to the 'Virtual Terminal' section. Click on the 'Virtual Terminal Transaction' link to enter a virtual terminal transaction.
  • In the 'Virtual Terminal Invoice Form' the sub-merchant must enter the details of the customer , shipment details and the products sold. Please note that only one transaction form may be processed at a time and that the invoice number must be unique.
  • Now fill in payment details, and submit.
  • On submitting this form the transaction is forwarded to the relevant authorisation entity (credit card company/Indian bank) for validation.
  • Once the transaction is cleared by the third party, the thank you screen appears, with a your link on the page; inviting the customer to your website.
  • Once the transaction is validated by the third party either by 'success' or 'failure', the thank you screen appears, with a your link on the page; taking the customer back to your website.
  • CCAvenue then updates your accounts and sends you and your customer an e-mail copy of the virtual terminal order.
  • In addition to this the invoice will be displayed to you in a separate pop-up window. Click on the 'Print Invoice' link provided to take a print out of the Virtual Terminal order invoice, obtain the signature of the customer on the invoice and send a copy of the same to CCAvenue for their records before payment for the captured Virtual Terminal orders will be released.
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