Online Sub Merchant Agreement

Click on Privilege or Start-Up Pro to download the CCAvenue Client Agreement in PDF format for printing on Stamp paper.

Please ensure you follow the instructions mentioned below:
The agreement can be franked for the value of Rs. 600/- in any Co-Operative Bank OR E-Challan OR separately attach Non-Judicial stamp paper for the value of Rs. 600/- with the following content written on it :

"This Non-Judicial Stamp Paper forms an integral part of the Infibeam Avenues Ltd. Internet Gateway Merchant Legal Agreement executed by ______________________ (Firm name) on ____________(date)".
Ensure that the stamp paper is in your name, if you are entering into an agreement with us in your personal capacity (Individual), or in the name of Firm/ Company/ Organization etc.
You are required to send hard copy of the executed agreement. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE ACTUAL FORMAT OF THE AGREEMENT. Infibeam Avenues Ltd. will not be liable for any errors or omissions on the part of the Merchant details filled in the Agreement.
Corrections should be made by cancelling and re-writing, and such corrections should be counter signed by the applicant. Please do not use ink whitener to cancel the text in agreement.
The signature of the Authorized signatory should be same on the PAN Card / Passport and the Agreement.
It is MANDATORY to sign and stamp on all pages of the Agreement (including Non Judicial Stamp Paper if attached separately) at the bottom left hand corner.
The agreement contains terms and conditions that are prescribed by financial institutions who will be involved in processing your online transactions. We are legally bound to impose these terms on you and any changes are un-acceptable. Should you have any questions or require a specific answer to any clause in the agreement, please address these by email to

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