The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting unprecedented challenges for businesses and society at large. In such times of global crisis, while operations of most businesses have been impacted severely, CCAvenue continues to deliver uninterrupted and uncompromised services with our topmost priority being the safety of our employees and the continuity of business for our clients.

Our well-defined Business Continuity Plan (BCP) was put in place immediately to ensure smooth and frictionless operations with timely communications to all our business partners. While most of the big names in the corporate world have witnessed layoffs, salary cuts, delayed payments, unsettled transactions and major disruptions, it has been business as usual for us. We take great pride in stating that CCAvenue has been making full and timely disbursements to merchants, alliance partners, vendors, employees and various other stakeholders.

Despite the uncertainty of the times, we have been able to overcome many of the challenges posed by the pandemic by strategically focusing on a few core areas highlighted below.

Business Continuity
CCAvenue's BCP focuses primarily on our preparedness to work productively and securely from remote locations and deliver uninterrupted services to merchants, while providing timely responses to their queries and ongoing requirements. Our entire infrastructure is not only safe but has been performing at optimum levels even in the current situation. Your points of contact in our organization are still interacting with you via phone, chat and email without much hindrance.

Moreover, various departments are coordinating with vendors and service providers to ensure we meet our essential requirements for hardware, software, electricity, internet, communication, security and other necessities; so we can cater to your business needs securely and effectively, while having ensured that your payout schedules remain unaffected. In addition to all this, our teams are working diligently such that we can continue to enhance your business potential with the introduction of the latest payment innovations and new lines of service.

Safe and Hygienic Environment
Being a responsible organization, we are committed to playing our part in curtailing the spread of the virus. We have introduced increased safety precautions for the few employees in critical functions present at our various office premises across the globe. Social distancing norms and daily sanitization procedures are being strictly followed at these locations.

Employee Morale
CCAvenue truly values its workforce and hence there have been no layoffs or pay cuts during the pandemic. On the contrary, salaries are disbursed on time every month inclusive of the new increment component granted to the employees this year. The HR department and senior managers have also been communicating important updates regularly to the employees, making them aware of the latest developments.

Various teams are working jointly to provide hardware and software support and round-the-clock assistance to our employees, enabling them to work smoothly and efficiently from remote locations. Our company celebrated Yoga Day on 21st June 2020 with an hour-long virtual yoga session to promote fitness and camaraderie among our employees and to keep them in good spirits.

Due to various decisions taken by the authorities and the rapidly escalating situation, our response has been constantly evolving to meet the various challenges posed by the pandemic. Rest assured, we are always there for you in your hour of need as we firmly believe that achieving great success goes hand-in-hand with building and maintaining deep relationships.