Most e-marketplaces opt for reliable payment partners like CCAvenue for addressing payment complexities. Thanks to our rich domain expertise built over two decades, CCAvenue can help marketplace platforms to automate and streamline settlements to sellers, vendors and distributors efficiently through our powerful payment solutions viz. (i) CCAvenue Split Payments (ii) CCAvenue Sub-ID and (iii) CCAvenue B2Biz. You can choose from any of these solutions to help manage your marketplace settlements effectively without hassles. The proposed solution can also be customized to fit various business models such as OTAs (Online Travel Agents), FoodTech companies, and Cab Aggregators i.e. virtually any business model for which consolidated funds need to be settled with multiple sellers, vendors and distributors.


  • CCAvenue Split Payments

    The CCAvenue Split Payments solution splits a single transaction performed at a marketplace into multiple bank accounts. After each transaction, the platform can automatically disburse payments to various sellers for hassle free settlement of the funds. With CCAvenue Split Payments, you will no longer have to manually disburse payments separately to each seller - saving your valuable time and effort.

  • CCAvenue Sub-ID

    CCAvenue's Sub ID feature is presently being availed by a large number of businesses across major industry verticals including hospitality, FMCG, FoodTech companies, natural gas distributors, online platforms and many more. It is a unique payment settlement solution that ensures disbursement of revenue collected from customers to various divisions, branches, dealers, distributors, franchises and vendors. Each Sub ID defined by you, will be mapped to a particular bank account to which funds will be transferred post successful completion of transactions. CCAvenue's Sub ID feature is a fully automated process that integrates seamlessly with your system, giving you full control of your transactions and settlements.

  • CCAvenue B2Biz

    We offer CCAvenue B2Biz solution, a next-gen Business-to-Business (B2B) payment service for marketplaces and other platforms that enable them to avoid the hassles of cash management, manual reconciliation, and delayed payments. CCAvenue B2Biz streamlines and automates business payment and collection processes, optimizes cash flow, improves efficiency and helps you save on costs. Its intuitive reports help businesses keep track of the status of receivables and payouts from a single, unified interface in real-time 24x7. CCAvenue B2Biz has been designed to aid all types of businesses in their Finance & Accounting functions, while delivering easy customizations to suit their specific use case.

    CCAvenue B2Biz enables you to settle the payments faster than in the case of CCAvenue Split Payments and Sub-ID solutions, both of which only allow settlement to vendors in the traditional settlement cycles i.e. T+1, T+2. As compared to the other methods, CCAvenue B2Biz provides greater flexibility in payments through its advanced and customizable functionality.

    CCAvenue Marketplace Settlements enable you to concentrate on your core business activities, while we ensure hassle-free transaction settlements to your vendors. Marketplace Settlements also minimizes human intervention in the entire payout process, giving you a seamless and automated experience.

Leverage CCAvenue Marketplace Settlements to make quick and hassle-free settlements to your vendors, and grow your business substantially!