Manage all your business payouts easily and effectively with CCAvenue B2Biz

Over the past few years B2B payments have been evolving rapidly across the globe with greater emphasis being placed on speed, accuracy and efficiency. Many large corporates and medium-sized firms have started turning to experienced Fintech players like CCAvenue for facilitating recurring as well as ad-hoc payouts to their vendors, contractors, suppliers, employees and business partners.

Key Features of CCAvenue B2Biz Payouts

  • A Virtual Account is provided to B2Biz Clients for managing payouts
  • Payouts are made from the actual deposit balance
  • Client can easily fund B2Biz account through NEFT/RTGS transaction
  • Payouts can be made in bulk to many vendors/employees, on ad-hoc basis from the B2Biz interface (through the click of a button) or via our powerful APIs
  • Maker-checker user-hierarchy option has been embedded in the system for those who wish to opt for a secure payment approval process
  • Recurring payment option is also available to our clients
  • Multiple payment modes are available, including NEFT, RTGS and IMPS options
  • Credit card option can be availed for instant payouts to vendors/employees
  • Invoice Receivable module is available for timely payments
  • Web hooks are provided for real-time notifications to registered URLs

How B2Biz Makes a Difference
Our B2B clientele includes large MNCs, FMCG giants, FoodTech companies, truck manufacturers, textile brands, a reputed mineral water supplier and several SMEs. CCAvenue B2Biz helps businesses by bringing speed, accuracy and efficiency to their financial processes. Our feature-rich B2Biz platform offers an intuitive interface, a user-friendly dashboard, an invoice payment facility, web hooks and powerful APIs to help you manage cash outflows to vendors, suppliers and employees.

We have highlighted a few use cases below that emphasize on how CCAvenue B2Biz makes a huge difference to the performance of organizations across industry verticals having different business models.

USE CASES FOR Large Businesses

  • FoodTech companies, for instance, find CCAvenue B2Biz extremely beneficial for making ad-hoc and recurring payments to their food suppliers and bikers on account of salaries, commissions, incentives and other dues across multiple payment modes.
  • The mineral water supplier has a large network of dealers and distributors who deliver the bottles upon intimation from the company once the payment has been received from the customer. The client leverages CCAvenue B2Biz to make the payouts to these distributors for their services from the payment received in their B2Biz account. In case, the company does not have sufficient balance in this account, then they need to fund this virtual account through an NEFT-RTGS transfer using our payment gateway.
  • A large eCommerce firm had difficulties in managing COD (Cash on Delivery) refunds from thousands of their customers that arose due to reasons such as unavailability of item, product mismatch, etc. The firm approached CCAvenue for our B2Biz interface which helped them make these refunds easily (after collecting their bank details and IFSC codes).


  • A Yarn manufacturer supplying yarn to textile companies has various liabilities of payment towards expenses incurred for manufacturing, purchase of raw materials, supplier payments, etc. Usually, these payments would need to be settled through various modes of payment for which the manufacturer will have to create and maintain separate accounts and IDs. CCAvenue B2Biz helps create a bank account for the manufacturer in which he needs to deposit a lump sum amount. All his suppliers and vendors will be paid off from the balance of deposit in this account, which increases when his pay-ins (receivables) have been credited. The merchant must upload the vendor's bank account details into the payment gateway's system where all the payment details of the vendors are stored. The payment information of each supplier is then updated and sent to the manufacturer through notifications or updates on the dashboard. The manufacturer can also be issued a credit card by his bank through which he can make timely payments to his suppliers.
  • A small-scale service company makes payouts to computer and stationary suppliers and other vendors through B2Biz's Bill Receivables module. Here, vendors can raise invoices against payables which the merchant can pay securely through a click-to-pay link. CCAvenue B2Biz can even provide these vendors with a separate dashboard for making payments on time to the merchant.
  • A healthcare company avails B2Biz's payment facility to pay salaries, wages and consultation fees of its doctors every month or on ad-hoc basis, but also can provide credit card to eligible employees for making certain one-time or recurring payments for purchases of medical supplies and equipment like CT scan as well as X-Ray machines on behalf of the firm. It is an excellent method of tracking and managing your business expenses.

Incorporating the latest payment innovations and designed to handle various payment complexities, CCAvenue B2Biz, our next-gen automated B2B payment platform streamlines and automates business payment and collection processes, optimizes cash flow, improves efficiency and helps you save on costs. Its intuitive reports help you keep track of the status of your pay-ins (receivables) and payouts from a single, unified interface in real-time 24x7. CCAvenue B2Biz has been designed to aid all types of businesses in their Finance & Accounting functions, while delivering easy customizations to suit your specific use case.

In the coming weeks we will be further enhancing the B2Biz platform with the introduction of UPI payment mode and utility bill payments.