Offer Exciting Discounts & Promotions this Festive Season - With CCAvenue's Advanced Marketing Tools

India's e-commerce market is anticipated to reach US$ 200 billion by 2026 and $350 billion by 2030, says a recent IBEF (India Brand Equity Foundation) report. Internet and smartphone penetration in the country has mainly triggered the growth for the industry. In 2021, the total number of internet connections grew significantly to 830 million, driven by the 'Digital India' vision.

To capitalise on these encouraging trends in Indian eCommerce, CCAvenue offers its Advanced Marketing Tools to millions of online businesses across the country. E-retail merchants who are registered with CCAvenue can offer enticing discounts and promotions on their website for their own products and services. CCAvenue enables its merchants to easily configure attractive cashbacks and discounts from their merchant panel enabling these businesses to reach out to maximum customers through the best deals.

The various kinds of marketing tools offered by CCAvenue include Discounts, Cashbacks and Promotions, each of which have been highlighted below:

  • Discounts
    CCAvenue enables its merchants to offer flat or percentage-based discounts on their product price. Discounts are the perfect way to reward loyal customers. Flat or percentage based discounts and even free shipping are some really useful methods of discounting that can contribute substantially towards business growth. The effectiveness of discount strategies and offers can be periodically measured through a well-defined analysis. CCAvenue's merchants have benefited largely in terms of customer retention and revenue generation from existing customers by offering attractive discounts.
  • Cashbacks
    Cashback is a popular technique deployed by online merchants to prevent their customers from switching to an alternative online seller. The cashback amount is offered as a reward on a current purchase in the form of online credit which can be utilized for the next purchase by the customer on the same website. An online customer finds cashback as a flexible and easy-to-redeem option. An ecommerce merchant can retain customers and enhance brand loyalty by means of cashback offers.
  • Promotions
    Merchants onboard CCAvenue's payment platform can have strategic bank alliances to run BIN based promotional campaigns for card users on their website. BIN-based promotions have become an effective and focused marketing tool in the online space. The six-digit BIN number is the unique identifier associated with a particular bank and card type that appears at the start of the card number. The customer can view active BIN based promotions on the Checkout page and gain attractive discounts if he chooses to make payments using these bank cards. A proven marketing tool, BIN based promotions serve as a key element in conversions of potential customers and hence constitutes a vital aspect of the eCommerce marketing and pricing strategy of online businesses.

Social media, another powerful medium of online marketing, is drastically transforming the way merchants do business. After creating the promotion, an online merchant can inform his customer about it through social media. Moreover, CCAvenue offers S.N.I.P., a Social commerce facility that enables businesses to accept payments in-stream directly from their social media pages through a payment link.

CCAvenue's Advanced Marketing Tools help you create, manage and showcase your discounts and promotions to your customers easily and effectively. They complement and enhance your marketing and sales efforts, attract more customers and increase your business potential considerably.

Avail CCAvenue's ADVANCED MARKETING TOOLS and offer the finest range of discounts and promotions to your customers this season!!