Receive real-time updates of key events in your Merchant Account through CCAvenue's Dynamic Event Notifications

The success or failure of a transaction needs to be communicated by a payment gateway to its merchants on time. Webhooks can be a reliable means of such communication. They save you (merchant) the effort of logging on portals to check for important transaction updates every now and then. Setting up these Dynamic Event Notifications on your account gives you access to important updates in an easy and cost-effective way.

What are Dynamic Event Notifications?

Dynamic Event Notifications facility is provided by CCAvenue to its merchants wherein webhooks are sent to specific URLs provided by merchants, indicating that a particular event has occurred in his account. Instead of checking your merchant panel repeatedly, webhooks push the event details to the destination URL whenever significant events occur. CCAvenue creates an event object that contains all the relevant information and posts this request with the event object securely to the destination URL you had earlier provided. Merchants need to register specific URLs for each type of event in their account or they can provide a single destination URL for all events. It is also possible to view, edit or delete destination URLs for each corresponding event.

Use Cases of CCAvenue Dynamic Event Notifications:

Our Dynamic Event Notification effortlessly connects to your business ecosystem and is perfect for every enterprise. Here are a few use cases for which this feature has been applied:

(i) Order Status

The merchant can receive alerts whether the transactions made by his customer were successful or not. This alert can be communicated in real-time via webhooks to his registered URL(s).

(ii) Order Status Echo URL

If a merchant desires, he has the option to include an additional URL (Echo URL), on which he will receive an alert for each transaction.

(iii) Order Risk Status

This webhook informs merchants about the change in the level of risk associated with a particular transaction in his account. E.g. Change from 'High Risk' to 'Low Risk' status.

(iv) Order Dispute Status

In this case whenever the status of a dispute changes, such as from 'Open and Hold' to 'Closed' or 'Chargeback', a Webhook is sent to the merchant's URL.

(v) Order Reconciliation Status

After reconciliation with banks, the updated status of the pending / awaited transaction is sent on the specified URL.

(vi) Recurring Payments Alert

A Dynamic Event Notification is sent to the merchant each time a recurring payment is made by the customer.

Webhooks give you the advantage of designing a workflow that would define how your system would respond to a particular notification e.g. Configuring your server to send emails to your customers, on successful completion of their order transactions. This feature also enables you to store or display data of dynamic events in your merchant account or integrate the inputs to an existing database. CCAvenue provides you with the flexibility of routing these dynamic event notifications to multiple URLs i.e. separate destination URL(s) for corresponding events.