Merchant Onboarding Requisites
Through CCAvenue's fast and frictionless signup process, merchants can start accepting payments with ease; however, they need to ensure that their basic details and requirements are available and updated.

The following are the requirements that need to be adhered to by the merchants for availing CCAvenue's payment gateway services.

Merchants' Website Compliance

As per the set standards, the following details must be available on the merchants’ website/mobile app/electronic invoice raised to collect payments from the customers.

  • Business Description

    This section includes the Online Registration& Product/Service details with pricing structure.

  • About Us

    This section displays a brief description of the organization, which may include its corporate history and management profiles.

  • Delivery and Shipping Policy

    This section pertains to the product shipping information & expected delivery timeframe.

  • Refund and Cancellation

    This section provides clear guidelines on how a return is handled, as well as elaborates the Refund/Cancellation Policy of the organization.

  • Privacy / Terms & Conditions Policy

    These sections elaborate how the organization treats and protects the customer's information.

  • Contact Us

    This section displays the various communication channels through which customers can get in touch with the merchant.

Note: If the information listed above is not available on the site / app, the merchant needs to update it mandatorily while applying for the services.

Prohibited Businesses

At the initial stage itself, the Merchant is informed by our team of the list of businesses for which payment processing services will not be offered by CCAvenue. He must check whether his business falls under the prohibited list or not, and proceed accordingly.

Click here to view detailed information on the prohibited businesses.

Submission of Documentation

Once the merchants have provided their business, contact & bank details through the online signup process, they need to upload their KYC documents to complete their registration.

Click here to view the list of KYC documents required by CCAvenue, based on different business filing statuses.

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